Journey Through Mark – 5

Weekend ReadingWelcome back to our walk our journey through Mark. Today we will walk beside this man Jesus and watch in amazement as the events unfold. This is a packed chapter of three powerful events.  Please, take time to read this chapter and reflect on the events and the powerful authority of this Jesus.

  • Mark 5:1-20 – Jesus meets a wild man possessed by Legion of demons. After forcing the demons out of the man, Jesus sends this man off as a missionary.
  • Mark 5:21-24; 35-43 – Jairus, a ruler of the Synagogue in that region, has a young daughter who is sick and dying. He asks, Jesus to heal her. There are interruption on the way and the young girl dies before Jesus arrives. Jesus takes here hand in His and raises her from the dead.
  • Mark 5:25-34 – This is the interruption, one that Jairus more than likely did not fully appreciate. A woman with a continual hemorrhage stealthily seeks out Jesus’ healing power.

This is a powerful chapter.  There are numerous lessons from the demon possessed man in the tombs. There are lessons on faith from Jairus. There are lessons about Jesus in all three of these encounters.  Look with me to the interruption, a story within the story. The event of healing that just happens – the woman with the unceasing hemorrhage receiving healing from Jesus (Mark 5:25-34).

  1. This woman spent the last 12 years ceremonially unclean. Everyone and everything she touched became unclean, her family and friends, her bed linens, her clothes, if she had a husband he could not lie in bed with her. For 12 years she faced this alone (cf. Leviticus 15:25-28).
  2. For 12 years she spent all she had on the latest treatments and the next physician. Now she was in financial ruin and isolated from all whom she loved.
  3. Now that this new healer was around, she had to see Him. She was willing to risk all the looks and scorn as she worked through the crowd (making all she touched unclean).
  4. Embarrassment or fear forced her to want to hide her intentions, so she simply touches Jesus’ outer garment. Healed!
  5. Jesus knows someone touched him and seeks her out, not to embarrass her but to confirm her. (I love the disciples reaction. Who touched you? Um, Jesus, there is a crowd around you.  A lot of people are touching you.)

The events of this chapter prompted the following poem.

A Simple Touch of Jesus
© B. Scott McCown 1991.

In this world of trouble and crime,

Sin, death, hatred, and strife,

We need a cure to last through time.

One that will change our life.

Satan’s burdens, heavy to bear,

Toilsome, binding, not light,

We need a Friend to show His care,

To move us from wrong to right.

Such a cure came down from above,

Sent down only for us,

He healed the weak, He showed His love,

A simple touch of Jesus!

– Scott

What lessons do you see in this chapter?  Write them down, share them with the rest of us.

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