Driving Rant

WARNING!  I am about to go on a rant. I am stepping up on a soap box and I will not come down until I have my say. This is my prerogative – this is my blog – I will say what I want to say and then turn the comments over to you.

Christians, we need to be careful about what we allow to enter our homes on that TV.  I am going to give a list of current shows on TV and a list of new names for those shows and let you match them up:

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. The Bachelor
  3. The Bachelorette
  4. Dancing with the Stars
  5. Pretty Little Liars
  6. Scandal
  7. Modern Family
  8. Vegas
  9. Revenge
  • A) The Harem
  • B) Diminutive Dishonest Divas
  • C)  Immense Innuendo Hypothesis
  • D) The Madam
  • E) Mocking Family
  • F) Sin SPIN
  • G) Gambling Against Hell
  • H) Lasciviousness on Hardwood with Has-beens
  • I)  Returning Evil for Evil

Now match the answers and then decide if we should be watching.

– Scott

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