Parenting: A Model

In the post Our Problems, I proposed that the home is the way to solve many of society’s ills; including drug and alcohol abuse as well as the increase in violence in our towns and cities. The book of Judges supports this claim, in that book Israel fell because of a lack of influence at home or a lack of respect at home (Jud 2:10).

Me with Andrew 15 years ago!

Me with Andrew 15 years ago!

I think I just heard someone say, “I know I should raise my children to be good people but children don’t come with instructions.”  Actually, God gives us guidance on how to raise children, so there are instructions.  We just have to read them.  What follows is a pairing down of God’s guidance into four easy to remember points on Parenting God’s Way:

  1. Prepare to Parent: Be who you should be before you parent. God chose Mary and Joseph because they prepared. Mat 1:19 – Joseph was a just and righteous man. Luk 1:28-30 – Mary found favor in God’s eyes. Prepare your children for life.  In other words, train your children providing them the discipline they need to be successful adults. This includes correction and education (Pro 29:15-17; Pro 4:1-4)
  2. Pattern as Parents: Teaching is imperative, but an example gives teaching substance (cf. 2Ti 1:5) “Do as I say not as I do” will not work. We teach children not to lie, but lie to them about punishment or tell them to lie to caller? We teach them not to do drugs, but have our “adult beverages.”  We do not need to give our children “excuses” to sin. We must be diligent to practice what we preach to them.
  3. Persistent Parenting: Stay with God’s plan! Do Not Stop being a parent! The Apostle John still calls the adult Christians in 1Jo 2:1, “my little children.”
  4. Pray as a Parent: Phi 1:3-4; Phi 4:5-7
  • Pray for them before they are born.
  • Pray for them while they are young.
  • Pray for their future (spouse, job, children, etc.)
  • Pray while they are still at home.
  • Pray for them as they leave.
  • Pray they will remain faithful
  • Pray they will return if they stray.
  • Without ceasing PRAY.

It is never to late to start, so Start Now! Start with yourself.

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