Our Problems

This past week, one of my electronic devices, a wonderful piece of technology, began having what appears to be hardware issues.  This computer did this once before and after a day or two of problem solving I thought it would still serve me.  Two weeks ago a different computer went through a recurring issue, one that I can work around.  (For the record: one is an Apple device and the other Microsoft.)

As I was online looking for solutions, considering if I could finance a replacement, and wondering how to work without it, I came across a video from “Water is Life.” In the video individuals in Haiti read “First World Problems” while standing in dirt, in front of substandard housing, and in old ill-fitting clothes.  The sad part is, that the producers did not have to “stage” the backgrounds.  This is what the “Third World” looks like.

Their point came across – painfully across – as these people read these lines:

  • “I hate it when my phone charger won’t reach my bed.”
  • “I hate it when my leather seats aren’t heated.”
  • “I hate it when I go to the bathroom and forget my phone.”
  • “I hate it when I leave my clothes in the washer too long and they start to smell.”
  • “I hate it when my house is so big, I need two wireless routers.”
  • “I hate it when my mint gum makes my ice water taste too cold.”
  • “I hate it when I have to write my maid a check and I forget her last name.”
  • “I hate it when I can’t walk and text at the same time.”
  • “I hate it when I leave my charger downstairs.”
  • “I hate it when my neighbors block their WiFi.”
  • “I hate it when I tell them ‘no pickles’ and the still give me pickles.”

The video concludes, “First World problems are not problems.

I think I will stop complaining about a lot of things.

– Scott

Here is  the video:

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