I’m Back

After a few weeks of reflection and refocus I a ready to blog again. I do not know if you missed me,, but I did miss you.

I am making a few changes to my weekly schedule that will directly impact The Morning Drive. First, I realized that regular Monday and Tuesday blogging with the occasional Wednesday and Thursday blogs was beginning to take me away from tasks that need my attention early in the week. For that reason I will try to post regular blogs on Thursdays and Fridays with an occasional post early in the week. I am also going to post about topics important to religious-minded people, specifically those with a Christian worldview (that is after all my basic worldview). Some of these posts will be theological. Some of these posts will be on practical issues or spiritual growth topics. I will continue to write about marriage and parenting but not every week . . . At least for a while.

Until my next post, I pray for God to bless you and yours.

– Scott


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