As Stubborn as an Ol’ Mule

A farmer claimed that he taught his ol’ mule to respond to gentle commands. Townsfolk and neighbors thought this was a stretch but they knew the farmer to be an honest man. They also knew that mules were stubborn, cantankerous, hard to train, but hard workers once you got them moving. Most of the time their mules needed coercion and a lot of tugging, pulling, and pushing to get them started, stopped, or to turn. The farmer insisted his was different, so everyone in town agreed to see this mule in action.

On the given morning the townsfolk gathered at the farmers fields. He came out of the barn to welcome them and proceeded to the side of the barn to gather the harness and other tools for the morning’s work. As the farmer walked to the side of the barn, he not only selected the harness but also picked up a 3 foot long 2×4.

With harness and 2×4 in hand he walked to the mule, said, “good mornin’,” set down the harness and with both hands on the 2×4 he whacked the mule upside the head. The mule fell to the ground obviously dazed. The farmer harnessed the mule while he was down. When the mule stood up with his legs steady, the farmer said a few kind and gentle words to the mule and they started plowing.

The crowed jeered! A heckler shouted, “A 2×4?! You said he followed gentle words!”

“He does,” replied the farmer. “I just have to get his attention first!”

Hmmmm . . . . . I wonder if God feels the same way about me sometimes.


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