Children and Parental Morality

A simple post this morning that should be a simple reminder.  This is a basic observable phenomenon of child rearing.  Prepare to be astonished at the wisdom, scope, and power of the following statement:

Children will not rise far above the morality level of their parents.

There it is!  Here is what it means:

  1. If parents watch inappropriate material on television and in movies, so will their children.
  2. If parents use profanity, so will their children.
  3. If parents do not respect authority figures, neither will their children.
  4. If parents have sinful or harmful habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.) Their children will follow suit.

As parents, if we want our children to develop good habits, have good behavior, and live morally pure lives, we must start with ourselves.  We must set the example we want them to follow.

– Scott

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3 thoughts on “Children and Parental Morality

  1. Only in very rare occasions (I’m thinking lifetime movie “From Homeless to Harvard”) do kids ever pass the morality of their parents. But it is usually do to an incredibly damaging, dangerous home life and a wonderful adult influence from school, work, church etc. I think still, she had to fight very hard to avoid the temptation that brought down her parents.

  2. Good observations both of you. Children do what they see. Those of us who mentor, teach, or coach children may become the surrogate positive parental influence for the children that are around us. Every adult in child’s life should model the behavior that is best for the child. Yet however important the influences the rest of us have, the situation at home still has a major if not the major influence in the development of a child. As the husband of an educator, it hurts to hear politicians and preachers blame the schools for what we should be holding parents accountable for. As a Christian and minister, it hurts to hear others blame the church for children leaving the church or not being morally pure, when parents should be teaching and modeling purity at home and letting the church and Bible school support them.

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