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Labor Day 2012 at Smith Lake

When asked to perform a wedding ceremony, I first meet with the couple for an hour or so one day a week for about a month. During that time we talk about their upcoming wedding and more importantly their marriage. My goal is to give them the tools they need to have a successful marriage. That is also why I spend Mondays writing about Marriage. One of the things I do for theses couple is recommend a number of books. Below is the list I give them when they first ask me to be a part of their ceremony.

Marriage Books I recommend:

  1. The Bible
  2. Dr. Nick Stinnett, Dr. Donnie Hilliard, & Nancy Stinnett, Magnificent Marriage: 10 Beacons Show the Way to Marriage Happiness, (Pillar Press:Montgomery, AL), 2000.
  3. H. Norman Wright, So Your Getting Married, (Regal Books; Ventura, CA), 1985.
  4. William F. Harley, His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair Proof Marriage, (Revell: Grand Rapids), 2001.
  5. Don and Jane McWhorter, Living Together in Knowledge: What Husbands and Wives Can Learn About Marriage from Each Other, (Publishing Designs:Hunstville), 1988.
  6. Dr. Ed Wheat, MD and Gayle Wheat, Intended for Pleasure: Sex Technique and Sexual Fulfillment in a Christian Marriage 3rd Ed. (Revell:Grand Rapids), 1997.
  7. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages, (Northfield Publishing:Chicago), 2010.

What resources do you use to help you grow in your marriage?

4 thoughts on “Books on Marriage

  1. Hi Scott, Here’s something you can add to your plate. How about writing a short review of #s 2-7. I’m not familiar with any of them. Reading Matthew 5-7 everyday for 30 days might be a good idea, if they would do it.

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