Parenting a Christian Home

Sammy Jones

This week we are fortunate to be sitting at the feet of a great speaker and student of God.  Sammy Jones of Freed-Hardeman University is presenting a series of lessons at Parrish Church of Christ that deal with the overall theme of Christianity 24/7.  WOW!  The lessons are practical and hit me right where I need them too.

Sunday he spoke on Being a Christian in the Home.  He began with some disturbing facts:

  • 37% of all are headed by single parents (this morning on the local news they reported that number as 45%).
  • 50% of all babies born are born outside of marriage.
  • 1.1 million marriages end in divorce each year.
  • 2 million young people (younger than 18) run away from home each year.

After opening our eyes to the plight of the home, Dr. Jones shared these Five (5)

Aspects of a Christian Home:

  1. Family member must commit to sacrifice for each other and the family.
  2. We must take time to appreciate each other in the family.
  3. Build relationships of trust within the family.
  4. Develop a sense of God in yourself and teach that to your children.
  5. Learn to forgive!

There is a great bit to consider in what he shares!  Take time now to pray for your family and reflect on how you can be a better influence within the family.

– Scott

3 thoughts on “Parenting a Christian Home

    • Sammy Jones hit this one hard when he preached it. He talked about how a sense of God helped him in his teen years, even when he wanted to rebel against his parents. He talked about an awareness of God being a deterrent to improper behavior and a motivator toward proper living.

      The lessons he is presenting this week are phenomenal. Simply God’s word, but phenomenal.

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