Parrish Summer Series

Last night, Tuesday, June 12 began our Summer Series at Parrish Church of Christ. We will have a special speaker each Tuesday through August 7. These series will be our mid-week assemblies allowing guests to be with us and us to visit around on Wednesdays.

Our theme for Summer Series 2012 is Uplifting Messages from the Sermon on the Mount. This is part of our overall summer theme of Raise Me Up. Last night, Glen VanZandt who preaches at the Palisades Church of Christ in Hoover, Alabama was our speaker. His topic was “Uplifting Attitudes”. He had the daunting task of preaching the Beatitudes of Matthew 5 in about 40 minutes. Below are the notes I took on my iPad while he presented this material. (Be warned, I paste them exactly as I took them.)

Uplifting Attitudes
We do best when we live as God intended for us – the way God made us to live.

Blessed is from a word that describes a contented ness that is not based on circumstances or “happenstance”

It does not matter to you, it matters what happens in you, because if what happens in you is right, what happens to you does not matter as much.

Poor in spirit is a spiritual beggar! This is the foundation of the rest of the beatitudes.
You are spiritually destitute / bankrupt.
So you mourn. Jam 4:9
You are meek – teachable, because you have nothing to brag about.
Jam 4:6
So we long to be filled with what is of God
Hungering and thirsting after God’s righteousness
2Co 5:21

Then we show Mercy to others
Mercy hurts with other people demonstrating pity.
Rom 12:15
Now we need to exercise moral purity.

Become peacemakers.
Rom 14:19
You will be persecuted
People will not always appreciate you swimming against the stream.

Leave a comment and I will put you in the drawing for a complete set of DVD’s of Summer Series 2012.

– Scott

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