Characteristics of Great Faith

What follows is an outline a recently preached at a small congregation in Fayette County, Alabama. Feel free to adapt it and use it to the glory of God.

— Scott

Jesus reproved His disciples for “little faith.”
Sermon on Mount in general to all for worrying about daily needs
Fearfulness during a storm on Galilee
Peter when he sunk after walking on water
When “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees” sailed over their heads.
Yet Jesus complimented a Roman Centurion, “I have not found such a great faith, even in Israel!”

What about our faith?
If the Lord’s work is to be done in our generation it will be by men and women of great faith.
Little faith people do little, great faith people do much more.
What is “GREAT FAITH”?
2Timothy 1:3-18

Great Faith is Sincere – 2Ti 1:3-5
“Un-hypocritical” or unfeigned – not a “put-on”
Paul was grateful to God for Timothy’s faith

Desired to be with Timothy because of Timothy’s faith
Heb 10:23-24

Faith was Timothy’s own yet learned from previous generations.
Not “good enough for Mom, good enough for me.”

Great Faith is Stirred Up – 2Ti 1:6-7
“stirring embers so that they blaze into flames again.”
Great faith cannot remain inactive – Jam 2:20, 26
Great faith uses our individual abilities.

Timothy’s gift may be miraculous such as prophecy or knowledge
Coincided (given with) the elders laying their hands on him – 1Ti 4:14

Our gifts are not “miraculous” like his, “Never-the-less” stir them up.
Everybody can do something.
Unless you stir up your abilities the fire will go out.

Body Hill CoC.
Whenever there was a job to do, Everybody, thought Anybody could do it
and that Somebody would.
Somebody thought Everybody should help.
Invariably Nobody did it.
On the Day of Judgment, guess who went to heaven:
Nobody did.

Stirred up not scared!
“God did not give us a spirit of fear.” – cowardice
What if I make a mistake? What will ____ think?
“What if beggars were wishers and wishers were thieves?”

Power – God
Love – because of His love
Sound Mind – self-discipline

Great Faith is Shameless 2Ti 1:8
Not ashamed of the Lord
Rom 1:16

Shame (embarrassment) produces inactivity
Not ashamed to suffer with Him
Heb 11:25

2Ti 2:9-12 – sees and knows God and Christ

Great Faith is Steafast 2Ti 1:13-14
Pattern of sound words = good thing committed to you
Hold fast = keep

Eph 4:14-15
In faith and love
Not “straight” as a gun barrel and just as cold, hard and empty.

How great is your faith?
Sincere, Stirred-up, Shameless, and Steadfast?

Salvation begins with faith – Gal 3:26-27
Eternal joy results from continued faith – Rev 2:10

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