We’re Back

I apologize for being absent for a week, maybe you missed me.  My study was having internet issues and alternated using my study at the house and the one at the building.  Having a mobile week or more, and adding end of the school-year events at my son’s high school and my wife’s elementary-middle school and I was relatively busy.

There is also something “new” in my corner of the world.  Three weeks ago, I began getting together with one of our young parents, two of our deacons, and a young man from our area and “jamming” in a “southern-rock” band.  We have a few songs we play decently and now have a couple of guys who are going to try to step-up to the mic — literally — and attempt sing to our noise.  We are having fun and a do not foresee a career change or an album (or iTunes listing) anytime soon <grinning sarcastically>.  I did post a clip on YouTube (see below).

However, there is something we do every week that is important to playing together.  Jim (our keyboard player), Rick (bass guitar and guitar), and I (guitar) will tune-up.  Jim will play the following notes one at a time so Rick and I can tune our instruments to the keyboard (E, A, D, G, B, E).  Once we are in tune with each other, we can play.

The urban-legend circulates in print about a shepherd in Montana 83 years ago who wrote the NBC symphony in New York telling them of his problem.  He lived alone tending sheep away from the rest of the world.  He was an amateur violinist and listened to the symphony each Sunday afternoon on NBC radio and like to play along.  Through the years, his violin became badly out of tune, and in his isolation he had not way to tune it and asked if they could help.  The story says that on Sunday afternoon, June 18, 1939, at the beginning of the NBC Symphony program, a loud and clear “A” note sounded out across the airwaves and a shepherd in Montana got in tune.

Whether the above story is factual, composed of different elements of true events, or completely fiction there is still an observation that compares with the band I am in getting in tune and our need to get our  lives in tune.

Jeremiah records that man is not able to direct his own steps, the Psalmist records and Paul quotes that “none is righteous” that we all sin.  But God sent out a loud and clear note in the form of His Word (John 1:1-14)  The standard is there (John 12:48), it rings true and clear.  All we need to do is get in tune.

– Scott

Here is our fist jam session:

2 thoughts on “We’re Back

  1. Creedance lives! You need to lay out one of your hats for dollar bills, or greater. Dennis Fisher at White’s Chapel is in the band C+. Blaine Duncan, who is quite popular in T-town, grew up with my oldest son, Eric. You should all get together.

    It has been pointed out to me that we often say the Bible is the standard (which, of course, it is). But behind it is Christ. I am trying to say more, “Christ is the standard.” The Bible is of value because it is God’s word. The church is of value because it is Christ’s church.

    Rock on…

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