Marriage Matters Monday

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Good Monday!  It is time we begin our work week and time to reflect on our marriages.  I know, you know (or you need to know) that Marriage Matters.  Today is a simple list of five things that you can do today that are mostly free (one of them may cost $1.00  or so) to communicate to your husband or wife their importance to you.

  1. At some point today, take a moment to send an email, text message, Facebook message, or voice-mail to your husband or wife just to say, “I love you.”
  2. On your way to home today, stop by a convenience store or florist (one flower is enough for this exercise) and pick-out a small surprise for your spouse on the way home.
  3. Make an embrace and a kiss the FIRST thing you do when you see each other this evening.
  4. Do something unexpected (do a chore that they usually do – laundry, dishes, garbage, etc.)
  5. Hold hands while taking a spring-time walk together.

Have a great marriage.

– Scott

9 thoughts on “Marriage Matters Monday

  1. A fun thing I did for Marcus this year is make 12 love notes, one for each month with a cheap but fun date night plan on each. Makes it kinda fun getting to open the card and see what’s inside.

    • To quote my five nieces, one nephew, and son – “eww! gross!” Seriously, I am glad to see young couples like, you and Marcus, Brandon and Rachel, and Daniel and Martha working on making your marriages matter. My prayer is that the rest of them (Melanie, Alexandria, Vicotria, and Andrew) will be the same in their marriages – which are still a long way off.

  2. After all the years of being married, you are asking a lot…….but I have been doing stuff like that for a long time, maybe that is why we enjoy each other. Now…that is not to say we don’t have some differences every once in a while, like this this morning.
    One thing we did when we married, was take the word divorce out of our vocabulary and place God and Christ first.

    • Hugh, that is why you and Lona are an example to so many of our younger couples. They know you are not perfect (Lona may be close), but they know that the two of you love each other and work together. Thanks for reading and for showing us younger folks what marriage and commitment is about.

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