A Hero for Our Times

Last night, Amy, Andrew, and I went over to her sister’s house for a devotional. Amy’s brother-in-law preaches for the Midway Church of Christ in Jasper, Alabama, not far from where we live. The visiting speaker is a young man named Jay Rogers. Jay was is an avid sports fan and played football. He also loves to hunt. But Jay received a diagnosis of cancer when he was in 8th grade – 7 years ago. The doctors told him in 2010 at age 18 that he had 6 months to live. Jay beat cancer and continues his battle. Jay took the center of the circle in the front yard to tell part of his story and to share with his peers a lesson on fighting challenges. I consider Jay an authority. He read Matthew 4:1-11 reminding all present that they have challenges to fight, even if it is not cancer. He told us that the challenges we face are as important to us as his fight against cancer is to him. The he shared two observations that he says helps him face his challenges.

1. Each day is a gift from God
2. Live each day for the Lord

Thank you Jay for your willingness to share your strength with the rest of us.

You can watch a video about Jay and his book HERE


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