Eight “T”s to Successful Marriage

Image: DanielHowellPhotography


1. Time – Spend time together. Time just for the two of you. Make the time of your marriage las for years.
2. Talk – The greatest three words in marriage are “I Love You.”. There are five other important words, “Tell me about your day.”
3. Touch – Hold hands like you are dating. Steal subtle touches when you are around each other.
4. Transparency – There are NO secrets in marriage. Be transparent with each other. Talk honestly about issues, feelings, desires, dreams, and disappointments.
5. Togetherness – Learn to do things together. Amy and I like to cook together, do yard work together, and to take walks together.
6. Time out of daily routine – Step away from the TV, computer, housework, children, telephone, etc. Get away from all the distractions you can and focus on one another for a few minutes, hurs, or better yet – days.
7. Tenderness – Tenderness also known as gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit. Be tender toward each other both physically and emotionally. Tenderness demonstrates compassionate care and appreciation.
8. Think creatively (flirt) – Know your husband or wife well enough to not take the easy way out when you give gifts or do something for them. She may not like flowers or chocolate or even jewelry so those gifts may not mean a thing. She may like a trip to a spa or a country picnic with you. That may speak to her heart in a much more personal way. Be creative!


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