If I Were the Devil . . .

Evil, its in the eyes!

This year we began a series on Wednesday evenings on Resisting the Devil.  We are learning that we can resist the devil and he will run from us.  We are learning about temptation and his methodology.  We are learning to say,”No, get behind me, Satan.”  This class is empowering us to draw nearer to God as we resist our adversary.  While preparing for class this week, I came across an old bulletin article entitled, “If I Were the Devil . . .” from Hopewell Church of Christ in Washington, WV.  The date on the bulletin is August 9, 1995.  Here is a slightly altered version of that article:

If I were the devil . . .

  • I would not go after nations like the United States or China.  I would first subvert the churches.
  • I would tell them that God wants them to be happy, so do as you please.
  • I would tell the young that the Bible is a myth and that man invented God as a means of controlling them.
  • I would teach adults to look to government for security and not to God.
  • I would convince writers that freedom of speech includes writing about things of a sensual nature.
  • I would place televisions and computers in every home and in every hand and fill the content with desires and passions of the flesh, eye, and pride.
  • I would convince churches to offer psychology instead of theology.
  • I would convince states and nations that gambling was the way to raise revenue.
  • I would convince God’s people to be not only in the world but of the world.
  • I would break homes with immorality or better yet, with easy access to divorce.
  • I would convince people that marriage is just a piece of paper and that sharing a house and a bed if you are “in love” is the same thing.
  • I would convince men and women that God made them the way they are and therefore there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

Maybe the devil is already doing these things . . .

– Scott

2 thoughts on “If I Were the Devil . . .

  1. the devil has always worked very subtly. And we buy into it so easily. It’s is sad! We need to pray everyday, Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

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