Ten Statements About Optimists

Are you and Optimist or a Pessimist? Sometime ago (7 years ago) I presented a lesson on the benefits of pessimism – it was an attempt to move us past pessimism toward realism. As I was looking through the file of blog ideas this morning I came across a list of about 15 descriptions of an optimist. I pared the list down to what I think are the top ten reasons to be optimistic.

1. Optimists look for partial solutions even if an entire solution is not available.
2. Optimists derail negative trains of thought.
3. Optimists look for ways to be appreciative.
4. Optimists imagine success in their endeavors before they begin.
5. Optimists are cheerful even if they cannot be happy.
6. Optimists think they have an almost unlimited propensity for growth.
7. Optimists focus on and strengthen love into their lives.
8. Optimists accept what cannot change.
9. Optimists constantly work toward renewal (cf. Rom 12:1-2).
10. Optimists know that God will work things out for good when they diligently seek Him (Rom 8:28).

– Scott


3 thoughts on “Ten Statements About Optimists

  1. Did you hear about the family who decided to go on an entire family road trip with no negative words? After hours of silence, the wife says to the husband, “I’m positive that friendly faced cop is about to pull you over.”

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