Five “L’s” of Marriage

Amy and I as we leave EYC '11

I recently ran across an old sermon outline in my files. The file simply listed the five “L’s” of Marriage. Here are those five points:

1. Learn. Learn God’s will for marriage. Learn about the the other person. Learn the uniqueness of your relationship.
2. Let. Let your spouse be who they are. That is permit them to be themselves. One of the great thrills in marriage is to discover and enjoy the differences between us. If you think there is an area your spouse needs to change, live that way in front of them and allow them time to change.
3. Lift. Lift your spouse up when they are down. “Two are better than one . . . For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.” (Eccl 4:9-10). This is especially true in marriage.
4. Leave. Leave the oversight of parents, leave or change habits and lifestyles that are self-directed.
5. Love. What good are all the other points if we do not have love. A recent Youth event reminded us that “love is more.”. Love is the force that brought you together and it is the force that will keep you together. But love is more than words and love is more than a feeling. Love is acting in the best interest of the other.

What other “L’s” can you think of that apply to marriage?



12 thoughts on “Five “L’s” of Marriage

  1. This is very important to remember, thank you! I have to work on #’s 2 & 4 sometimes, but it’s good to have this perspective of marriage in mind. God bless! I might re-post this one too 😉

    • Somehow many of us miss (or at least ignore) that section of premarital counseling that teaches us that marriage requires work on our part. We are too busy being “in love” that we cannot imagine having to put some effort into a relationship. I think many marriages fail because life gets a little hard.

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