Ten Reasons to Read the Bible

Ten Reasons to Read the Bible

10. Great literature in differing literary genres.

9. Narratives of people like you.

8. See how others dealt with life.

7. The Bible knows drama and suspense (Esther comes to mind).

6. Battles and warfare.

5. Lessons to help you be a better spouse and parent.

4. Valuable examples of what to do and what NOT to do in certain situations.

3. Learn about God.

2. Learn about Jesus as Christ.

1. Learn what you need for life and godliness.

When you read stories in the Bible, they are more that just myth, they are narratives of the lives of people who faithfully followed and sometimes failed to follow God.  Read with the intent of learning from their successes and failures.  There are six questions I asked myself as I read the Bible, especially the narrative sections.  I believe that if you honestly answer these questions and follow through with the answers you will go a long way toward improving your life.

1. Why did I enjoy this story?

2. What in this story is disconcerting to me?

3. How does this event (do these events) remind me of real life?

4.  If I were ___________ in this story, how would I react or respond?

5. What lessons or morals can I learn from this narrative?

6. What changes am I going to make in my life based on what I am reading and learning?

– Scott


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