A farmer loved farming. He kept his good seed cleaned and measured – it was always ready. He searched for suitable fields that would produce the best harvest. He loved farming.

When he spotted a field that had promise to produce, he invariably saw that the field had weeds. Sometimes there were several; sometimes there were very few. No matter, any weeds at all would send him into a fit. He would begin stomping down the weeds, running over them with his tractor tires, or better yet he would back over them dragging the front-end bucket. Pushing them into the ground. Then he would spread his clean seed.

Days would go by and he would come to check on his harvest looking for those beautiful green shoots that promise fruit and harvest. He would however, walk away shaking his head, bewildered as to why no plants would grow.

If the weeds are the cares of the world, the trappings of this life, and the influence of the enemy (Satan). If the farmers the Christian, the seed the word of God and the would the lives of those around us. I wonder if our constant berating (beating down) of the weeds similarly hardens the soil of their hearts so that the seed cannot penetrate.

– just wondering . . . Scott

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