Thank You

Living in the Southern United States all of my life, I am accustomed to hearing cashiers, tellers, etc. say, “thanks, hun (sweetie, sug, or some other similar term).” More recently, I am hearing a new phrase, specifically at Chick-Fil-A and at Jacks (a Birmingham area hamburger franchise). I heard it this morning when I stopped to get a cup of coffee. The young lady at the drive-thru, whose name tag hid behind her sweater, handed me my change, then my coffee and said, “Thank you, have a blessed day.”

I replied, “Thanks, and you too!”.

“Have a blessed day.” Thank you anonymous drive-thru window worker, thank you. Thank you for making sure my focus was on God and the blessings he provided today. Thank you for reminding me. Even when I buried a friend yesterday, and after our area experiences nearly 12 inches of rain and localized flooding I can have a blessed day. Although the colds are still around, thank you for giving me permission to have a day in God’s blessing. You may not read this, but know that those simple words have a great impact. Keep blessing others.

For you who are reading, I pass the blessing along to you, Have a Blessed Day! And I ask you to do the same for others.

– Scott

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