Ten Styles of Giving

10. Willing Givers: Abraham willingly offered Isaac (Gen 22)
9. Big yet Small Givers: The wide who gave all (Mk 12:42-44)
8. Stingy Givers: Saul wanted the spills of war, but argued that it was for giving to God (1 Sam 15:17-23)
7. Sacrificial Givers: David refused to give what cost him nothing (2 Sam 24:24)
6. Covetous Givers: Ananias and Sapphira, what else can I say? (Acts 5:1-10)
5. Consecrated Givers: The Macedonians who first gave self to the Lord. (2 Cor 8:1-15)
4. Voluntary Givers: Zaccaeus volunteered to give his goods to feed the poor without the Lord asking (Lk 19:1-19)
3. Reward Seeking Givers: These gave so that men could see and praise them (Mt 6:2)
2. Unpretentious Givers: The Samaratin we call good, who made no show of giving, but did what needed doing (Lk 10:25-37)
1. The Great Giver: God gave His Son and gives us what we need for salvation and godliness (Rom 1:16)


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