Road Trip

Yesterday, July 13, 2011 will go down in my person history book.  I had a great road trip with Andrew (my soon to be 14 year old).  We were not able to go with the youth group to Six Flags Over Georgia this year – our schedule would not allow it.  We made alternate plans — the two of us went together. Father and son on a three hour drive starting out at 5:30 a.m.  We stopped for breakfast and then again at the Georgia line for a snack.  We arrived at Six Flags before they opened, and waited just a few minutes with the rest of the “smaller than I thought would be there” crowd. Andrew set the agenda – ride as many coasters as we could (except for the wooden ones – we had a bad experience last year).  We walked as briskly as we could to each coaster.  We rode (in the following order) The Daredevil Dive, The Georgia Scorcher, Goliath, Ninja, Superman, Mine Train, Mindbender, and Batman.  Eight coasters!  And we rode them all starting at 10:15 and exited the park at 1:15. Did you do the math?  The lines were short and we rode 8 coasters in 3 hours.  Then we drove home, stopping to eat a late lunch in Moody, Alabama.  I learned a few things yesterday.  Some I already knew, but this trip confirmed my knowledge.

  1. I like riding Coasters.
  2. Andrew is an adrenaline junkie!
  3. Andrew is a great young person.  He has a good balance of both Amy and me in his personality.
  4. Andrew is a deep thinker.  We had some good conversations there and on the way back.
  5. Andrew observes people.  He mentioned what some people chose to wear in public that they shouldn’t have.
  6. If Andrew is like he was around me when he is with his friends; he will have friends.
  7. I need a longer break between coasters than Andrew.  I was starting to feel “woozy” on the last two coasters.
I took a trip similar to this with my dad when I was a little younger than Andrew.  Mine and my dads was a side trip on the way back from a deaf ministry workshop.  We stopped at Six Flags Over Texas on our way home — that was in 1978 or 79.  I still look at that trip is a great time.  I hope Andrew will look back on our day as a great day. I know I will.
– Scott

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