Shouts of Joy

This is the outline I preached from yesterday (May 15, 2011).  We are currently reading in 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, and Psalms in our chronological study.  This sermon seemed to have an impact (there were many comments to me about it and there was one response for prayers that they would focus more on God’s positives than the worlds negatives). The SlideShare is below the outline. Enjoy.

– Scott

Shouts of Joy to God: Psalm 66

Chronological Series – BSMc –Parrish 05.15.2011


  • Ps 66:1-4.
  • Tragedies: tornadoes, floods, storms, fire, drought, earthquakes, wars, terrorism, violence, crime, poor economy, gas prices?
  • What do we as Christians have to shout joyfully about?

Shout Joy for Yesterday – Ps 66:5-7; 16-20

  • Come and See – Come and Hear – what the Lord has done!
  • Israel had a great heritage to rejoice over.
    • Patriarchs
    • Moses
  • Christians have great past to rejoice in.
    • Birth, Life, death, resurrection of Jesus the Christ
    • Writings of NTW witnesses
    • Bible transmitters and translators
    • Parents, GrandParents, who taught us to love and follow God.
    • Preachers, teachers, and other Xians who taught us about Christ.
    • 2 Cor 5:19.


  • The successes of yesterday brings joy.

Shout Joy for Today – Ps 66:8-12

  • “Thank You, God, for Momma, Daddy, Gramps and Grams, for John, for Joel too.  Thank You for Wiskers, the cat, and the dog next door.  Thank You for my goldfish – “Bubbles” – and thank You, God for me.”
  • The “good ole days” – never really existed.
    • Churches at Corinth and Galatia had issue Paul had to deal with.
    • The NT has warnings of contemporary false teachers and church problems.
    • The Restoration movement of the 1800’ had struggles.
    • The church grew in the 1950’s and then split over cooperation issues.
  • Church has different challenges today – but also great opportunities.
    • TV
    • Internet
    • Social Media
    • Young Missionaries – Jeremiah and Amanda, Richard and Mary, Ricky Berger
  • Trials can bring joy –European Mountain village bells in winter.
  • God can bring out our best during the pressure of tough times – Jas 1:2-4.

Shout Joy for Tomorrow – Ps 66:13-15

  • We find joy in assembling – Ps 122
  • We find joy in knowing God’s future care
    • Rom 8:28
    • 1 Cor 15:58
    • We find joy in assurance of an eternal home
      • Heb 12:1-2
      • Jas 1:12
      • “O Think of a Home Over There.”
      • “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.”
      • “To Canaan’s Land I’m on My Way.”

Psalm 67

Choose Today

By BSMc – 11.10.2010

Today is the day of decision.

Now is the time to choose.

There may be a tomorrow;

But why wait and chance to lose?

What you decide this moment,

Will impact the rest of your days.

Focus on what is eternal.

God is the One you should praise.

Many think too much of this life.

Forgetting that eternity waits.

Do not lose focus on salvation,

Live to enter the Heavenly Gates.

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