The Opposite of Good


"I don't want to hear it!"

As an introduction to last night’s devotional thought, Coach Mullinax (one of our young adults who teaches High School Science and coaches football) relayed a quote he recently heard from a Holocaust Survivor who spoke at the school.  “The opposite of good is not evil; the opposite of right is not wrong; the opposite of justice is not injustice.  The opposite of good, of right, and of justice is INDIFFERENCE.”

Wow! To my mind, that is a powerful thought not only concerning the Holocaust, but in service to God as well.  Indifference to the sacrifice of Christ is eternally deadly.  Indifference to sin in my life leads to problems.  Indifference to the lost leads to lack of action.  I could go on. Indifference.

Father, help me to not look on with an attitude of indifference, but to learn the compassionate action displayed by Your Son, my Example and Savior.  In Jesus name . . .

Where do you see indifference as a problem?

–  Scott

3 thoughts on “The Opposite of Good

  1. I think so too, 4 year olds are notorious for the ol’indifferent “I can do it myself” meaningful learning experiences.

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