Happiness & Marriage

Hugh Down’s once said, “A good marriage is supposed to be a ‘happy’ marriage, but I have always thought that happy is a slightly misleading word.  Some people think that happiness implies only good things without any bad.  That’s true, of course, but happiness can imply more than just good things.   There is a second happiness that includes both good things and bad.  this deeper happiness, or what I like to call ‘great happiness’ implies that a thread of pain weaves its way through the pleasure to creat a more mature fabric – a fabric fit to cloak the wise.  Since bad things are inevitable, this acceptance is a kind of wisdom.” (Steve May, The Story File: 1001 Contemporary Illustrations, (Peabody, Mass:Hendrickson Publishers) 2000, p.150)

Well said, Mr. Downs, well said!

– Scott

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