Project 7 Days.

You may not know about Project 7 Days, but after reading this you will.  Jack, Alexa, Kelsey, and Taylor along with a few of their siblings and friends are High School students in Walker County Alabama and they are the brains behind this “project.”  After reading their mission statement below, please note the information on how you can help. — Scott

Project 7 Days – The Voice of Alabama – Mission Statement:

United and strong the members of “Project 7” are composed of intelligent, enthusiastic, and honest high school students. The students were the first to initiate Project 7, and they are conducting this movement. Not only have students signed this document and became members, but adults, educators, parents, and concerned community leaders have as well. What does Project 7 believe in? What does Project 7 stand for?

Project 7 is coined after the “creation week”, recorded in the Bible. The members of Project 7 believe in one God, who is Jehovah of the Bible. We believe that He created the world and all that is in it. Also, the members of Project 7 believe in “true education”. We believe a student should not be indoctrinated by only one specific theory on the origin of man. Instead, the student should have the liberty of choosing which theory to believe. Sadly, in Alabama high schools only one theory is being taught, and that is evolution.

We are not asking for evolution to be taken out of Alabama high school textbooks, or for teachers to stop teaching the theory. We simply want “Intelligent Design” to be taught in public schools alongside with evolution. As members of Project 7 we don’t believe that evolution and creation are both correct, which happens to be the belief of some people. We believe fully in intelligent design, which springs forth from the creation account found in the Bible.

In order to believe in evolution or intelligent design, one must have faith. They are both faith based theories. Whether the evolutionist or creationist wants to admit it, this is simply the truth. Therefore, intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in the public schools of Alabama. The members of Project 7 are not asking for the Bible to be taught in schools, or the religion of Christianity. What we want is for the student to be taught the scientific evidence that supports intelligent design. For example, the student should be aware of the evidence that supports Earth as being relatively young, and the evidence that dinosaurs actually lived with humans. The student should be taught the idea of “design demands a designer”.

The student should be taught that the “Law of Cause and Effect” and the “Laws of Thermodynamics” are both perfect scientific evidences for a Creator. In fact, the textbooks and teachers would not even have to say “God” or “Creator”. Instead, the textbooks and teachers could teach the student that creationist believe the world came into existence by the means of an “eternal, supernatural entity”. We are simply asking that intelligent design be taught alongside evolution, so that the student can choose which one to believe in. That is true education.

As members of Project 7, we want to thank our Alabama government for the daily jobs they perform for the citizens of this great state. However, our plea is that our government simply does what is right and provides students with true education. We ask that the government allows intelligent design to be taught in the public school systems. Our prayer is that the government heeds the voice of the souls who have signed this document, and take action.


How YOU can help:

1. If  you live in Alabama, let me know and I will send you a hard copy of the mission statement and a petition list.

2. No matter where you live, buy a T-shirt with their logo (see pic above).  I can get you in touch with them if you want a shirt.

3. MOST importantly, pray for these young people, their effort, and their stand.

16 thoughts on “Project 7 Days.

  1. Hopefully, Kelsey subscribed to the replies and is getting all the requests. I will make sure the group gets all the names w/i the week.

  2. This is awesome, I heard about this at exposure youth camp. I live in Tennessee so I can’t sign a petition myself. I want to get TN involved as well, and you all have people at Estill Springs church of Christ fired up. Can someone contact me (931) 308-9424 to give me more details, website,literature, t-shirts, etc. We already have one TN state Senator informed and need to get him info. Thanks- In Christ-Robert

    • Hi Robert! That is great! We are currently working on getting Project 7 officially started in Tennessee. I will get Jack Norris to contact you. 🙂
      Thanks for the support!!!
      (Thanks Mr. Scott! :))

  3. Because of some possible legal issues, Project 7 Days is currently reorganizing and looking a different methods to try to get some form of Intelligent Design taught along side of the Theory of Evolution. Keep praying for their efforts.

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