Notes from the leaf of my Bible

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I take notes in my Bible,  I write in the margin, I draw lines between words within a text, I write at the top and bottom of the page to reference me to other related texts, and I also use those blank pages in the back of my Bible to write lists or outlines.  This habit makes study time interesting and also helps when I am talking with someone about Bible topics.  One of the lists in the back of my Bible is from one of my mentors and teachers, Wendell Winkler.  Brother Winkler was head of the Bible Department at Faulkner University when I was in undergraduate work.  He also taught our “Expository Preaching” classes.  When I moved to Parrish, Alabama, Brother Winkler held our February Gospel Meeting every year until just before his death.  Each year he delivered great messages.  One particular lesson was on the topic of “Evangelism” and he gave us a list of “Six Steps to Effective Soul Winning.”  I wrote them down in my Bible then and transfered them to the one I use now.  I share them with you.

  1. Make a list of 5 to 7 prospects.  A prospect is anyone you know who needs to hear the message of the gospel.
  2. Pray daily for each person on that list.  Pray for their continued health and pray for an opportunity to speak with them.
  3. Underline the prospect you think will be the most receptive.  This is a judgement call on your part.  You know the people on your list.  Which one will be most likely to listen and be genuinely interested.
  4. Approach that prospect, talk with them, study with them if they are receptive, and lead them to Christ.
  5. Add a new name to your list.  Don’t completely drop the one you studied with or brought to the Lord, continue to encourage them and even have them come with you on other studies.  But do add a new prospect to your list.
  6. Set aside one night a week for studies with prospects or for setting up studies.

I admit I am not consistent with this list.  I am trying.  I have my list, I am praying for them, I have a name underlined, and I will approach them Sunday.

– Scott

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