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Over at The Preacher’s Pen, Chris Gallagher is having a bunch of talented folk write about why they love the Church.  He was gracious enough to allow me to join that group and lower the talent level.  I originally decided not to read everyone else’s post so that their posts would not influence me or make me try to be original, but I found myself reading them anyway.  Every article deserves a hearty, “Amen, preach it brother!”  Many of them make similar observations and I am certain I will repeat something already stated. Click on the link to the Preacher’s pen to read the rest of the offerings, but below is my offering. — Scott

I grew-up in a Christian home. My parents and three of my four grandparents are (were) members of the Church.  Many of my earliest memories surround assembling with Christians and having other church members over our house on Sunday evenings.  Growing up there were two major influences other than my family they were Church and school.  My adult life reflects those influences – I am a preacher, married to an elementary school teacher and I volunteer with a local school in a number of areas.  Church involvement was never an option and neither was respecting and loving the Church.  That is not to say my parents forced my involvement, but their example and instruction insured that I would dedicate myself to Christ and His Church.  They taught me to love the Church.  What I love about the Church, I learned from those before me.

I love the Church in view of the fact that God loved Her enough to PURCHASE Her at a sacrificial price (Acts 20:28).  How can I not love the people for whom my God and Creator gave all that He had to give to sanctify?  How can I turn my back on the Church when God was willing to not spare His Son so that the Church might exist?  I love the Church because God loves Her.

I love the Church that is PRECIOUS to Her Groom (Eph 5:21-33).  Paul’s description of the Church as the betrothed of Christ is a beautiful portrait.  When ever I see a long-lasting marriage relationship that is beautiful and I see the way the husband dotes on his bride of many years, I think about Christ doting on His betrothed Bride – the Church.  I think of how He is preparing Her for the day He presents His chosen Bride to the Father.  How proud He is of Her beauty and accomplishments that glorify Him.  I love the Church because the Christ loves Her.

I love the Church that has the PROMISE of an eternally joyous relationship with Her Husband (Rev 19).  We as the Church – purchased and precious – await the day when we will welcome the Bridegroom who promised to come and take us home with Him to His Father’s house (John 14:1-6). I love the Church because the faithful will one day reunite in heaven with the Father and the Son.

I love the Church!

4 thoughts on “What I Love About the Church

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  3. Scott, I appreciate the desk. I appreciate the desk because, while not messy, it reminds me of how mine has been over-the-top messy all this week. On a good note, however, I have it clean again.

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