Ten Reasons I Love My Wife

There are more than 10 reasons, but these are the ten I want to share today as Amy and I celebrate 21 years of marriage.  I admit openly, that she means more to me than my words could ever express.

Amy and Scott at the Biltmore

10. Amy is a good listener.  I still recall that first date when we went to a Rax’s to get a milkshake.  I talked her ears off and asked way too many questions.  She was a trouper and still went out with me.

9. Amy is a great teacher.  Teaching is not just her profession.  She is great with those 1st graders, but she is also a great Bible Class teacher, Ladies Bible Class teacher and Ladies Day speaker, she is a great teacher to Andrew, and I learn from her example and her advice every day.

8. I cannot recall anything Amy cooks that is not delicious. I enjoy every meal she cooks and after 21 years that is a lot of meals.

7. Amy is beautiful inside and out.  Ask anyone who knows her.  I am not just saying out of personal bias.  She is beautiful, she is kind, she is a friend to everyone, and her words are always with grace seasoned with salt.

6. I love her laugh.  I love to hear her laugh at the cute things her 1st graders say and do.  I love to hear her laugh at movies and TV shows.  And Amy still laughs at all my jokes and the stories I tell (I told you she was kind).

5. I love to hear Amy sing.  When we are worshiping, I love hearing her alto voice as she blends with the congregation.  I love hearing her sing the silly songs she teaches her 1st graders so they can learn certain facts, sounds, and patterns. I love it when she sings with the radio in the car or around the house.  If I put in the sound track from Phantom of the Opera — I know she will sing.

4. Amy makes me look good.  She helps me with my work in ministry and in the areas we volunteer in for our community and school.  Her organizational skills and attention to detail help me not appear so scattered.  Add to that, the simple fact that my world is a brighter place because of her and any room I am in seem brighter and kinder when she walks in.

3. Amy is my best friend and has been since we first started spending time together.  I wish every couple could have the friendship that we have.  As Alabama sang, “She and I live in our own little world . . .” and I like it that way.

2. Amy is a fantastic mom to Andrew.  I am sure there are days when he doesn’t like one or both of us very much, but he does admit on occasion that he appreciates and loves us.  I know that I could not raise Andrew to be the young man he is becoming without her help.  Her insight into people and emotions is beyond my capability.  She is helping him become quite the gentleman.  I love her for that.

1. She still holds my hand when we walk and when we pray.  Holding hands seems so simple and innocent, but there is a lot of  communication that flows between two hands joined in marriage.

I could add so much more.  I will close with a simple HAPPY TWENTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY Amy.  I Love You.

– Scott

2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Love My Wife

  1. Here are some comments from FaceBook concerning this post:
    Britney Huffstutler Mullinax This is so sweet!!! Saturday will be our 6th anniversary! How time flies.

    Scott McCown Has is really been 6 years? Congrats to both of you as well.

    Sherry Schultz That was very sweet.!

    Kimberly Smith Happy Anniversary Scott and Amy! Hope you have a wonderful day, you two are such a sweet couple!

    McKenna Stanford Congratulations!

    Samantha Moore Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many many more!

    Scott McCown Samantha, Congrats to your and Richard last Thursday on 21 years, which btw marked 21 years since I performed my first wedding. Isn’t that a coincidence?

    June Jones We love and appreciate you two very much. You are a good example for others:). Have a wonderful day……..Ronny and June

    Travis Stanley ‎21st! Wow. Really? No way.

    Samantha Moore Couldn’t have asked for a better beginning. It’s wonderful to know that ya’ll are still together and Happy after 21 years. There’s nothing better than being to your best friend and love of your life. Give your sweet Amy an extra hug from us 🙂 God’s richest blessings

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