Wedding on My Mind

I think it was only last week when I sang at my brother’s wedding, but alas the date Doug and Tammy married was July 18, 1987. I am reminded of that wedding because this Saturday – July 24, 2010, I will be back at the same church building to conduct the wedding for Melissa (their oldest daughter). How can such a young couple have a daughter old enough to marry?

While preparing the ceremony I could not help but think of the story of a preacher who was conducting his first wedding:

Brother J. was a little nervous about preforming his first wedding, so he talked with and older and more experienced minister. “What do I do if get so nervous, I forget what I am supposed to say next?” John inquired. The older minister gave sage advice.

“You are a preacher, you know the Bible, quote a passage from scripture and make it apply.” He continued, “This will give you time to remember what you were supposed to say.”

Brother J. thought this was helpful and calmly approached the wedding day. Sure enough, during the ceremony, Bro. J. became nervous and forgot the next part of the ceremony. Quickly he remembered the advice given him by his mentor and quoted the first passage that came to mind, . . . . “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Have a great Monday!

– Scott

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