Sport of the gods

This Spring Andrew, age 12 #70 in this picture, decided to go out for football.  His team will have a Jamboree this Thursday.  It will be his first organized football game.
This morning at breakfast we joked about what archaeologists would say about football if they dug up a stadium 5,000 years from now.
Here were the possibilities we came up with:
1.  They might consider the stadium to be a temple or place of worship (every town has one).
2. They would suppose that the team mascots (Oakman Wildcats) would be city or regional gods.
3.  What we know as players would be participating in battle to honor their god and to show their devotion to him (her).
4. The cheerleaders could be thought of as high priestesses (my son almost shot milk through his nose at the thought) who lead the worship. “We are the Wildcats, mighty, might Wildcats . . .”
5. The fans are the worshipers praying to their god for victory confirming his acceptance of their sacrifice.
6. The concession stand is where worshipers can procure grain, animal, and synthetic sacrifices to offer to their god by leaving portions in the stadium (worship arena).
Why else might sports (football, baseball, basketball, softball, etc) be confused as our national religion by those who study us in the future?

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