Top Ten Math Puns

These two words seem incongruous: Math and Humor.  Maybe my math teachers thought my answers were funny sometimes, but as a student math AND humor? Last night after Bible Class, Teresa Kitchens (a member at Parrish and a Math Teacher at Walker High School) knowing my warped sense of humor shared a list of 31 math puns.  What follows are my favorite ten of the list:

10. How do you know a plant belongs to a math teacher? – It has square roots.
9. Why do math books cry? – They have lots of problems.
8. When do mathematicians die? – When their number is up.
7. What is the longest piece of furniture? – The multiplication table.
6. What is a metric cookie? – A Gram cracker.
5. Why do math teachers talk to themselves? – They think the students are listening.
4. Two’s company, three’s a crowd, what are four and five? – Nine.
3. What did the math major mean when she called her blind date 288?  He’s 2 gross.
2. What is a polygon? – A lost parrot.

And the number one math pun for the day . . .
1. What is an occupied bathroom on an airplane? a hypotenuse (high – pot – in – use).


OK, here is one more just for today since you can’t get enough math humor – How do you know God loves math? – He told Adam and Eve to multiply, the fourth book in the Bible is called Numbers, and his followers put “+” signs on His churches.

One thought on “Top Ten Math Puns

  1. This is great! I'm behind on my blog reading. Thanks for sharing a good laugh. I had a student tell me once that my idea of a travel game was a calculator, a pencil, and a pad of paper 🙂

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