A Working Retreat

Today is Thursday and my first blog of the week. I suppose an excuse is in order.

I had a great opportunity to drive six hours to the Great Smokey Mountains and stay in the cabin pictured to the left.  I spent Monday evening, all day Tuesday, and Monday morning with 10 other ministers from Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Not only were we from differing states, we were also from different areas of ministry.  So were full-time preaching ministers, some were youth ministers, a couple were bi-vocational ministers, and more than one entered ministry somewhat unplanned.  We had one key thing in common: A love for the Lord and His Church.  That is what brought us together, along with an email inviting us.

There was a special project that the host asked us to work on and I hope our input and efforts will continue to be of value to him.  But there was a side benefit or two.  We all went not knowing who would be there.  I was not sure I would know anyone except the host.  We went not knowing all the details but we went on faith.  While there old friendships grew and new ones formed.  our common bond in Christ provided great fellowship.  I could not help but think ho great heaven will be when we meet up with all the saints from years gone by and years to come.  I look forward to seeing you there.


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