God on the Mountain

Last night, my family and I attended Curry Church of Christ to fellowship with our brethren there and to hear a message from a dear friend and fellow Faulkner Alumni – Neal Pollard.  The theme of Curry’s meeting is Mountain Top Experiences and last night, Neal took us to Mt Carmel.  He drew a great mental picture of the setting of Carmel and what the mountain may have represented in physical, social, and religious settings.   Then he pointed out four things about God’s power demonstrated around the events of Elijah’s confrontation with the 450 prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel.  

On the Mountain We see God’s Power . . .
1. Over Nature.  God had stopped the rain for 3 1/2 years. Something the Baals could not do.
2. In His Word.  The drought came about because Ahab led the people away from God’s command.
3. Over the Competition.  Baal is simply an idol and had no power.  God clearly demonstrates this when He is able to rain down fire (which Baal could not do) and not only consume the sacrifice, but the alter, the wood, and a trench full of water.
4. In His Name.  Elijah acted in the Name of the Lord.  It is by the authority of the Lord we have access to God.  God’s name is great and is always to be honored above all names.  Everything we do is “in the name of the Lord.” Col 3:17.

Where do you see God’s power demonstrated?

Have a great day!

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