Removing Evidence

The following list claims to be actual maintenance complaints submitted by US Air Force pilots and the replies from the maintenance crews.  A number of years ago, I shared this list with someone who works in USAF maintenance at Eglin AFB, and one who worked at a maintenance facility in Vietnam during the war. Both admitted that they had seen and made similar replies to similar maintenance requests.

Problem: “Left inside main tire almost needs replacement.”
Solution: “Almost replaced left inside main tire.”

Problem: “Test flight O.K., except ‘autoland’ very rough.”
Solution: “‘Autoland’ not installed on this aircraft.”

Problem #1: “#2 Propeller seeping prop fluid.”
Solution #1: “#2 Propeller seepage normal.”
Problem #2; “Propellers #1, #3, & #4 lack normal seepage.”

Problem: “Something loose in cockpit.”
Solution: “Something tightened in cockpit.”

Problem: “DME volume unbelievably loud.”
Solution: “Volume set at more believable level.”

Problem: “Dead bugs on windshield.”
Solution: “Live bugs on order.”

Problem: ” IFF inoperative.”
Solution: “IFF inoperative in OFF mode.”

Problem: “Friction lock causes throttle lever to stick.”
Solution: “That’s what they are there for.”

Problem: “Number three engine missing.”
Solution: “Number three engine found on right wing after a brief search.”

Problem: “Evidence of hydraulic leak on right main landing gear.”
Solution: “Evidence removed.”

The last one gets my attention.  I estimate that this is exactly how many of us try to deal with our spiritual shortcomings.  There is evidence of sin in our lives, but instead of trying to correct the problem, we try to remove (or at least hide) the evidence. But we must remember that we will only find forgiveness when we are humbly honest and contrite before God.  Consider the words of the Psalmist:

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to Your steadfast love; according to Your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.  Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!  For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.” Ps 51:1-3.

No more hiding of evidence as there had once been in David’s life.  Now he comes to God with an honest remorse about his actions.  He comes with a desire to once again be right in God’s eyes.

Let’s live with a heart like Davids.  Stop hiding the evidence and truly fix the problem with God’s gracious help (Heb 4:16).


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