What Does it Cost?

Ted, one of the members the Parrish Church of Christ, works and live in Birmingham during the week and worships with a congregation there. One fellow employee at his company was curious about Ted’s faith and commitment. This co-worker is new to the United States coming from an Asian country. When he and Ted talked about church, Ted’s friend asked, “How much does it cost to go to church?”

When Ted first shared that story with me, I chuckled, then I felt sad for his acquaintance. Sad that somewhere he understood that churches “charged” admission, or at least considered tithes as a “church tax.”

However, I began to wonder what does it cost to go to church? My thoughts are below. After reading my answers, give the readers what you think.

1. Time. Just a few hours a week.
2. Fuel or transportation costs. Depending on how far you live from the building and how you get there this will vary slightly.
3. Energy. You have to get up and get moving.
4. Emotion. When you pour your heart into worship and fellowship, you invest your emotions. Specifically, the emotions of love, sorrow, and joy.
5. Your All. To be a part of the Church cost everything you are and will be: Luke 14:26ff (BTW you get this back 100 times over – Matt 19:29).

These costs are well worth being a part of the Lord’s Church. What do you think?


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