Sunday’s Spaghetti

This beautiful plate of spaghetti and meatballs is not what it seems. This is a creation of my wonderful wife. More about that later . . .

Sunday afternoon, our young people met for a pasta meal and to study Proverbs 17-19 for the Walker County Youth Bible Bowl. Our young team (oldest member is 16 youngest is in first grade) is doing well on the test, and are studying hard.

One of the benefits of Bible Bowl is our young people put extra time into learning the Bible. This years trek through chapters 12-31 of Proverbs is challenging when we get to the day of Bible Bowl, but the lessons we are learning as we get there are invaluable. If you do not have a Bible Bowl that meets in your area, then start one. If other congregations are not close enough or are not willing, then have the young people challenge different groups of adults (parents, deacons, ministers, elders, teachers, etc.). Great fellowship and learning about each other are great additional benefits to what you learn from the text you study.

Back to this “plate of spaghetti.” What you are seeing is a dessert. Cupcakes, piped butter-cream icing (the spaghetti), a raspberry glaze (the sauce), and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (the meatballs). Have I told you how much I love my creative and great cook of a wife?


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