Second Chances

The dated was January 1, 1929: The Golden Bears of University of California Berkley were playing the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech in the ROSE BOWL for the National Title.

Roy Reigels of UC Berkley picked up a Georgia Tech fumble and began running it in for a touch down – the wrong way!

Reigels own team mate (Benny Lom) tried to turn him around at UC’s own 3 but a wave of Georgia Tech players pushed him back the the 1. On the next play, Lom punted hoping to give Georgia Tech the ball on the other side of the Fifty Yard Line. Georgia Tech had other plans and they blocked in the Endzone for a safety.

In the locker room during half-time Reigels did what any college football player would do: He sat by himself and bawled. After a pep talk to the entire team, Coach Price of UC Berkley said, “Everyone who started the first half will start the second half.” Reigels waited for all the other players to leave the locker room and asked Coach Price if he meant all the starters but himself. Coach price replied, “Roy, get up and go back – the game’s only half over.”

Although Georgia Tech did go on to win by a score of 8 to 7; Georgia Tech’s Coach Alexander said he never saw a player play like Reigels did in the second half.

Every Christian gets discouraged at some time is his or her walk with God. Maybe you see where you have disappointed God. You are not alone. Consider Peter (Matt 26:69ff) or Mannaseh (2 Chron 33:1-11). Both of these men failed to be pleasing to God with their words or actions. However, when Mannaseh repented, God gave him a second chance (2 Chron 33:12ff), when Jesus appeared to the apostles on the shore, He asked Peter three times, “Do you love me more than these?” Reassuring Peter, of God’s love and plans for him, even if he had made a mistake.

The next time you disappoint yourself and God, ask for forgiveness and go back to work knowing the game is only half over.


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