Top 10 Things You Won’t Do in Heaven

Today’s Top Ten List comes from notes taken during the last lesson in our Revival. Levi Sides asked the question, “Do You Really Want to Go to Heaven?” During the lesson he mentioned about 7 or 8 things we did or will do this week that we will not do in heaven. Thinking about that this morning as I drove to my study, I added a few to make it a Top Ten List.

Top Ten Things You Did This Week That You Will Not Do in Heaven . . .

10. You drove by a cemetery (Rev 21:4). There is no death in heaven.
9. You turned on a light switch (Rev 21:23). God is the light in heaven.
8. You faced temptation (Rev 20:10). Satan is banned from influencing heaven.
7. You visited or called a sick person (Rev 21:4). No sickness there.
6. You locked your door (Rev 21:27). No crime or evil in heaven
5. You aged a little – grew older, found a gray hair (Rev 21:4). All former things like aging will cease.
4. You shed a tear (Rev 21:4). No tears in heaven.
3. You took pain medicine (had a headache, back ache, etc.) (Rev 21:4). No pain in heaven.
2. You worked to earn a living or to serve your neighbor (Rev 14:13). You will rest from your labor.

And one more thing you did this week that you will not do in heaven . . .
1. You said a prayer (Rev 22:4). You will speak with God and Christ face to face.

Have great day!

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