An Attitude of Gratitude

Every now and then preachers get opportunities to speak at other congregations. Many congregations in our area have “Summer Series” where they have visiting speakers each Wednesday night. I have had the opportunity to speak at a few of these each summer. Sometimes there are responses, other times just comments after the lesson. Recently, I received a card in the mail a few days later. I want to share what this sister in Christ wrote.

“Scott, Thank you for being a part of our summer series, I’m not sure I want to thank you for your lesson on 2nd Mile. The face I see in the mirror is not what God sees. I’m afraid He is very disappointed in my actions as His servant. But you are so right – we have to go the 1st mile before we can go beyond to the 2nd mile.

Love You, (name withheld)”

What stood out to me was this dear sister’s honesty. I must confess, while developing the lesson on Going the Second Mile, that she references and even while preaching it, I was and am completely aware of my own short-comings in the area of Second Mile service.

How are you at going on to and through the second mile?


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