Thank You, Teachers

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day in the US. Accordingly, I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to:

Mrs. Farley (Kindergarten – the picture above is from my Kindergarten promotion at ECS a long time ago. I am on the far left.), Ms. Simon (1st Grade), Miss Lagrone (2nd), Mrs. Ellis (3rd), Mrs. Nelson (4th), Mrs Gulsby (5th), Coach Akers, Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Sprague (the Middle School Years), and way too many in High School to remember you all, but a special thanks to Mrs. Pain (Algebra), Mrs. Gibson (Chorus), and all my English and Literature Teachers. All my professors at Faulkner University as well as Troy State and Freed deserve a mention and of note are two of my Bible instructors that have left this physical life Wendell Winkler and Leonard Johnson these two men had more impact than they will ever know.

Now on to all those who have taught and are currently teaching my son – thank you and bless you for all the effort you put into the education of our children in this area.

James record that Teachers of God’s Word have a heavy responsibility; I think the same goes for teachers on any level. You have a difficult task and you are deeply appreciated.


Scott McCown

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