Field Trip!

Yesterday, we took a field trip with about 70 sixth graders from Oakman Elementary to Desoto Caverns in Childersburg, Alabama. The two hour drive there and the two hour return made for a long day before Wednesday Bible Study, but the excursion was worth the effort.

Desoto Caverns is a well maintained, privately owned park that features a large cavern. The guide informed us that you could fit a football field on the floor of the largest room and a twelve story building would barely reach the top. The caverns have been home to Native Americans, a Confederate Gun Powder manufacturing location, a hide-out for many, a moonshine still and honky-tonk during prohibition, and home to bats and other creatures.

As a privately owned cavern, they do something you will not see everywhere. Their light show has a theme worthy of applause. As lights flash against the walls and other formations in the cavern, and as a fountain sprays water in time with music, a voice-over reads the account of creation from Genesis 1. You would expect a lesson on geological time-tables and the alleged millions of years it took for this cavern to form, but instead you hear God created the world.

Thank you Desoto Caverns for not being afraid to stand up for God.

If you are ever near Childersburg, Alabama — drop in and support them. Tell them thanks and see more of God’s wonderful creation.

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