Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood

Nice cool walk this morning, not too cold and not too hot – in the mid to upper 40’s with a slight wind. Everyone was friendly this morning, the parents driving their children to school waved and smiled as we walked past, the crossing guard joked with me about the traffic and the 40 degree change in weather over the last two days (the picture of my house is from March 1 — in less than two weeks snow, 80 degrees, to cold and rainy again). A couple of city workers drove by, blew their horn and waved. I even had a nice hello from the Alabama Power workers installing a new street light in front of Hadder’s Pharmacy. I sneezed while in the Post Office and the workers sorting mail in the back said, “Bless you.” I love small towns. I skipped making coffee this morning and stopped by the Texaco and talked with the owner while drinking a $ .96 16 oz. cup of Red Diamond Coffee (Just as good as Starbucks and less than 1/3 the price!). Two other city workers were coming out of the Texaco as I went in, we spoke about the cool day and the desire for a morning cup of coffee. Did I say I love small towns? The retired men who gather each morning for coffee, dominoes, and to swap fishing stories at the place affectionately known in town as “The Liar’s Bench” greeted me with a daily, “Morrrnnniiiiiinngg Preacher.” Will you allow me again to say, “I love small towns!”

Like some of you I grew up watching Sesame Street, do you remember the neighborhood song that I echo in my title this morning? Who are the people you meet, when your walking down the street? I admit I do not know all of them by name, nor do I know what all of them do for a living. I do know that many of them would be there if I needed them, I have been a part of helping some of them over the last few years, and together we supplied help to others through fires, tornadoes, sicknesses, and other events.

Today, as you go about your business take time to smile and say hello to those you see. Open the door for someone and hold it as they go in or out before you. Smile at a young family in the store and complement them on their children. Be friendly with the cashier at the grocer’s or the worker at the coffee counter or fast food restaurant. Thank the receptionist at work or the secretary you depend on. Be the bright spot in their day. Paul says that as children of God we are not of darkness but of the light (1 Thess 5:5). Be sure to bring a little of God’s light in Christ to the world around you today.


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