Thursday’s Drive

I know I just started this this morning, but I want to let you know that I will not post in the morning. I am getting an early start and will not have my regular routine. I am joining with all the 3rd – 6th grade students from Oakman Elementary, along with their principal, teachers, and other parents as we head to Montgomery to lobby for assistance. Why do we want or need assistance?

On December 10, 2008 our elementary school received heavy damage from a tornado. Much of the school is now unusable. We are busing down to Montgomery to canvass each member of the state legislation to approve $8,000,000 to have a new school built for Oakman Elementary. We will then be escorted to an area where we can observe the proceedings and hopefully cheer the passing of legislation sponsored by Ken Guin, that will give us the needed funds for our school.

Currently the 6th grade students are using three rooms at Oakman High School. OHS needs their rooms back for expected growth. Grades 3-5 are in modular classrooms. Grades K- 2 are in a World War II era building that is the oldest standing and only usable section of OES. These rooms are not up to modern electrical code, heating and cooling is not efficient, and well you get the point.

Here is what I am asking my readers to do today (Wednesday) and tomorrow morning (Thursday). First of all PRAY. Ask God to be with us as we travel and to help us to effectively communicate our needs. Next, if you live in Alabama and have time, please contact your state representation and let them know of our needs. In order that you have knowledge of our situtation when you speak to others, here are some links to videos about our school damage:

The above videos are from Birmingham, Alabama ABC affiliate ABC 33/40. There is more about the damage including other videos available on their website

Below is a video of the pictures my family took the next few days after the damage.

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