Not Again!

Just yesterday, another dear friend and member of the Church at Parrish received a diagnosis of cancer.  Please keep Phyllis and her family in your prayers.  It was only a few years ago we buried her husband after he battled cancer for a long time.  This diagnosis hurts deep.  There will be surgery and treatments and the … Continue reading Not Again!


Sunday evening when preaching on the friendship of Jonathan and David, I used the quotes to introduce the topic of real friendship. Friendship quotes: A simple friend will stand by you when you are right, but a real friend will stand by you even when are wrong (and they disagree). A simple friend identifies himself … Continue reading Friends

Who Cares?

Depression hurts. Currently in the US pharmaceutical companies are running advertisements for different medications for the treatment of depression. When one suffers from any level of depression they need encouragement. They need to know someone cares. Even if you are simply feeling "down" or "blue" you need reassurance that someone cares. If you have your … Continue reading Who Cares?


Wednesday night began our Summer Series at Parrish church of Christ. This summer our theme is Building Together with God. On June 3, my friend Jeremy Houck spoke about Building through Unity. During his outstanding lesson he pointed out that many think unity is total agreement with my opinions and doing what I want done. … Continue reading Friends