Singing and Understanding

Recently, Cole's dad, Rick shared a very interesting story with me.  But first let me give you some background.Rick grew up attending a charismatic church, that uses popular style musical accompaniment, soloists, choirs, etc. in worship.  Rick was one of the soloists.  Rick married, Gina who grew up attending a non-denominational acapella Church of Christ.  Rick attended … Continue reading Singing and Understanding

Saddlebags, City Streets, & Cyberspace – A Book Review

I am reaching into the vault of book reviews to pull out this one, I shared with an online preachers groups a few years ago.Michael W. Casey, Saddlebags, City Streets, & Cyberspace; A History of Preaching in the Churches of Christ, (Abilene;ACU Press) 1995. 210 pp.Michael Casey provides the churches of Christ with an historical … Continue reading Saddlebags, City Streets, & Cyberspace – A Book Review