How to Stay Married Pt 3

Part One – Coping with Change:

Part Two – Accepting what will not Change:

Image: DanielHowellPhotography

Part Three – Learning to Express Affection and Appreciation. Couples who want to make their marriages survive will strive to interject life into their relationship. They remain involved in each other’s lives. They are the best of friends and communicate regularly.

One major purpose of marriage according to Gen 2:18-22 is because man (Adam) by himself was lonely, therefore, God created a companion comparable to him – that is to say that relationship is part of marriage. Below are three suggestions of how to Express Affection and Appreciation to your spouse.

  1. Listen with the Intent of Gaining Understanding and fight the temptation to impart advice. “Let everyone be swift to hear and slow to speak” Jam 1:19.
  2. Speak Words that Bring Life and Health to Marriage. Men, 100 other men may tell your wife she looks good in an outfit, but the one compliment she will treasure the most is the one that comes from you. When either spouse is constantly critical, nit-picking, and fault finding, the marriage slowly dies. Look for ways to encourage and build up your spouse. (Eph 4:29, 32)
  3. Touch One Another in Meaningful Ways(Song of Solomon 1:2; 2:6). Don’t be afraid to hold hands or put your arm around one another or to give kisses – like when you were dating. Many years ago I ran across a study that found that husbands who kiss their wives every morning live and average of 5 years longer. They are involved in fewer automobile accidents, are sick 50% less of the time, and they earn 20-30% more money annually.

I think that is enough to think about this week. Have a great Marriage Matters Monday!

– Scott

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