Before You Start . . .

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Before you start.  Before you do anything.  Before you engage in any activity.  Here are ten questions to ask – especially as a Christian:

  1. Will it conflict with my duty as a Christian?
  2. Is it questionable – at all?
  3. Could it influence others in a wrong way?
  4. Will it subject me to bad influences?
  5. Does it have the potential to damage my reputation as a Christian?
  6. Will it make me purer or better?
  7. Can it enhance may chances to convert others to Christ?
  8. Can I see the elders (deacons, preacher, or other Christian leaders) participating?
  9. Does God’s word condemn it outright>
  10. Could I invite Jesus to join me in this activity?  Would I?

If I can answer these with a clear conscience knowing that what I am about to do is not displeasing to the Lord, then I can participate.  Otherwise . . .

Oh, by the way, there is an eleventh question 11. Would I want to be doing this when the Lord returns?

– Scott

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